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A Little Collection of Stories

I'm a college senior who has an unhealthy obsession with Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, corgi puppies and margaritas.
Oct 1 '14


Summary: Blaine’s mother loved him but she loved the attention more.

Prompt by allblueoranges: Sorry if you get this twice, my computer didn’t show clearly if it was sent. I have a promt, if it interests you :) Blaines mother has some mental illness, and as a consequence she is a little abusive. Like a bit rough and tends to hurt him, sometimes seriously, from time to time. Maybe now she’s in a mentalcarefacility and no one else knows, or he still lives with her and people/kurt finds out? His father more supportive but in denial? twist it as you want, i can’t wait to see what you do :)

Warnings: Abuse, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, Poisoning 


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Sep 29 '14

Those Who Loved Him

Summary: Kurt’s been in love several times.

Prompt: The Enchantress says her previous relationships were as follows: “one who never loved her, one who couldn’t love her, one who loved her too much, one who loved her in secret and one who didn’t love her enough.”The one who never loved her was a practical joke - he made her think he loved her, the second one was an abusive boyfriend, the one who loved her too much was using her for her powers and position, the one who loved her in secret was ashamed of her and the one who didn’t love her enough was her friend, but he wasn’t “in love” with her” Basically I was reading this description of the enchantress’ relationships from TLOS and I thought you can write an amazing angsty Kurt fic like it. Preferably set in the normal world and after he’s gone through all of these he meets Blaine and happy ending?

Warnings: Homophobia, infidelity, abuse


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Sep 29 '14

Meeting Over Coffee

Summary: Chances Verse. Sequel to Reunion. They looked horrifyingly similar. 

Prompt by umblangst: Hey! I know you literally posted Reunion today but it’s so beautiful and I’ve read it like 25 times already. Could you do a sequel where the rapists kid approaches Henry at school and apologises over and over for his dad and says that he and his Mum would like to talk to Blaine and Kurt. I would love it have all five of them at dinner and they keep apologising. Thank you so much, you’re a beautiful writer and such a beautiful person. x

Prompt: Sequel to “Reunion”. Henry meets his half-brother (the child his biological father/Blaine’s rapist had with his wife).

Prompt: Sequel to Reunion. Blaine’s rapist isn’t cocky enough to ask to meet his son, but his wife (preferably ex-wife now) wants to meet Blaine and Henry.

Warnings: Past underaged rape, past mpreg

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Sep 28 '14

Fathers and Sons

Summary: Blaine looked like he was walking to his own execution as he walked up to meet Kurt’s parents. 

Prompt: Early!Klaine. Kurt has always seen Blaine as the polished, pristine private school boy, but when Kurt asks Blaine to have dinner with him and the Hummel-Hudsons, his composed boyfriend turns into a terrified nervous wreck. Kurt discovers later that Blaine’s parents are abusive and Blaine is so nervous to meet Kurt’s because he wants so badly for a father figure to accept him.

Warnings: Hinted abuse


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Sep 28 '14

Every Time

Summary: Sequel to Words Will Never Hurt Me. Blaine’s father finds out. 

Prompt: sequel to words will never hurt me? parents/kurt/friends find out about mean grandparents?

Prmopt by my-own-patronus: I’ve got two prompts for you. I’d love to hear more about what happened after “Words Will Never Hurt Me”. Did Blaine’s parents find out what his grandparents said to him? Did Kurt? What happened?

Prompt: Sequel to words will never hurt me. After Blaine’s grandparents have been there a few weeks, his parents wonder why he’s become withdrawn and tries not to be left alone in a room with his grandparents. When they walk in on them spitting homophobic insults at him, they finally understand. They are livid, stick up for Blaine and kick out the grandparents. Blaine feels terrible for causing trouble

Warnings: Homophobia


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Sep 28 '14


Summary: They might have been a little obsessed. Klaine’s relationship through the eyes of a football player and Cheerio.

Prompt by superninjaturtlecorn: do you think you could write a story about a strangers point of view about klaine (like them in puplic or at school) if its not much of a problem ^-^


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Sep 27 '14


Summary: Kurt hated himself for getting involved but he couldn’t get out of it now. 

Prompt: Blaine is rescued from an illegal human experimentation lab.

Warnings: Human experimentation, torture, murder, character death (Burt), manipulation and blackmail


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Sep 23 '14


Summary: He was a good dancer.

Prompt: Blaine lost one (or both) of his legs when he was younger (maybe when he was bashed for being gay) and he has learned to use his prosthetics very well over the years, but it sometimes affects his dancing or comes off when it’s not supposed to, and it really frustrates him, because he wants to be good and not just good for a guy with a prosthetic leg.

“Do you want to sit out?” Mr. Schuester asked kindly and Blaine felt his smile strain slightly. 

It wasn’t the first time he had been asked that same question since he had arrived to Booty Camp. From the moment he had walked into the auditorium, wearing shorts so the shiny metal gleamed in the stage lights. The other member’s eyes lingered on his leg but Blaine ignored them all. 

“I’m fine,” he said quickly. 

“We can adjust the choreography if you need,” Mike added in and Blaine tried to ignore his annoyance. 

“I’m fine, you don’t need to treat me different,” Blaine took his place, feeling the back of his neck go red as everyone stared. 

The music began again and he hit every single step in time with everyone else. If he could ignore the fact that everyone was watching him worriedly, he could concentrate on the moves.

Then his leg hit the ground wrong and he fell to the ground hard. There was a painful wrenching as his prosthetic came loose and he ground his teeth, turning to sit and adjust. The group went dead silent and perfectly still as Mr. Schuester hovered nearby. 

“Are you alright?” He asked worriedly. 

“Great. It was my fault,” he mumbled, struggling to get to his feet. 

“No one will think any less of you Blaine,” Mr. Schuester said quietly, still loud enough for everyone to hear. “You’re brave and you do so well despite-“

“I dance well with or without my leg,” Blaine snapped, stretching his leg. “I can keep up with all of you.”

It had been his worst fear when he woke up from that car accident with only one leg. He had been afraid of everyone judging his worth or lowering their expectations based on the fact that he had a prosthetic. When he wore pants no one even knew he had a prosthetic leg and that was how he liked it.

He was good at dancing.

He wasn’t good at dancing despite his leg. 

Blaine didn’t mind being told he was brave and strong for what he had been through. He had struggled for years to get where he was. He just wished that they would treat him like a whole person. 

Sep 22 '14


Summary: Blaine had been avoiding him.

Prompt: What about a slight AU from Tested where Kurt actually hurts Blaine in the fencing scene and Blaine tries to hide it to spare Kurt’s feelings (and himself the confusion of having to think about it), but Kurt doesn’t appreciate him shutting him out again and gets angry. And when the truth comes out Blaine can’t bring himself to tell Kurt it’s okay, even tho he wants to, because he remembers how angry Kurt had been and how it felt like he didn’t care if he hurt Blaine or not and that scared him.

 Warnings: Injury 

Kurt was furious.


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Sep 22 '14


Summary: Blaine was Sam’s bro, he protected his bro. 

Prompt: Hey Kate, I have a prompt for you cause you’re one of the best writers I know! Been following you since NATDD. So here it is (it’s a little specific, because it happened to me and my roommate last week and I think it would make a pretty good Bro-Blam fic): Blaine and Sam are living in New York (just friends tragically) and while walking back to their apartment together, Blaine somehow gets triggered into a flashback from when he was molested when he was 12 by one of Coopers friends. Blaine starts looking awful and shaking his head and Sam notices and asks about it, but Blaine doesn’t want to tell him. (In this universe they share a bed because it’s cheaper) and after it’s done Blaine apologizes to Sam for freaking out and Sam asks why and Blaine tells him and starts crying and Sam soothes Blaine and starts “bro-cuddling” to make him feel safe. And blaine talks about not wanting Sam to see him differently because he’s ashamed of it. YOU ARE MY FAV!!!

Warnings: Past underaged noncon


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