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A Little Collection of Stories

I'm a college senior who has an unhealthy obsession with Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, corgi puppies and margaritas.
Sep 22 '14


Summary: Blaine had been avoiding him.

Prompt: What about a slight AU from Tested where Kurt actually hurts Blaine in the fencing scene and Blaine tries to hide it to spare Kurt’s feelings (and himself the confusion of having to think about it), but Kurt doesn’t appreciate him shutting him out again and gets angry. And when the truth comes out Blaine can’t bring himself to tell Kurt it’s okay, even tho he wants to, because he remembers how angry Kurt had been and how it felt like he didn’t care if he hurt Blaine or not and that scared him.

 Warnings: Injury 

Kurt was furious.


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Sep 22 '14


Summary: Blaine was Sam’s bro, he protected his bro. 

Prompt: Hey Kate, I have a prompt for you cause you’re one of the best writers I know! Been following you since NATDD. So here it is (it’s a little specific, because it happened to me and my roommate last week and I think it would make a pretty good Bro-Blam fic): Blaine and Sam are living in New York (just friends tragically) and while walking back to their apartment together, Blaine somehow gets triggered into a flashback from when he was molested when he was 12 by one of Coopers friends. Blaine starts looking awful and shaking his head and Sam notices and asks about it, but Blaine doesn’t want to tell him. (In this universe they share a bed because it’s cheaper) and after it’s done Blaine apologizes to Sam for freaking out and Sam asks why and Blaine tells him and starts crying and Sam soothes Blaine and starts “bro-cuddling” to make him feel safe. And blaine talks about not wanting Sam to see him differently because he’s ashamed of it. YOU ARE MY FAV!!!

Warnings: Past underaged noncon


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Sep 22 '14

Amplification [Chapter Six]

Summary: They were on the front line of a war against an invisible monster.

Warnings: Disease, graphic description of disease, blood, medical stuff, character death (OC)

Previous Chapters

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Sep 21 '14


Summary: Sequel to Pancakes. Sue liked Blaine, she wanted him to be happy because he deserved it.

Prompt: oH what of Sue ends up adopting Blaine?? That’d be interesting. (It would also be interesting for Kurt to find out about that.)

Prompt: So I know you /just/ wrote it, but could you write more with the ‘bullet proof’ and ‘pancakes’ story? Thanks for all your great writing :)

Prompt: Sequel to Pancakes? Kurt’s reaction to find out about Blaine being abused?

 Warnings: Past abuse

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Sep 21 '14

totbanditblainers asked:

Hi Kate! I love all of your work so much! in your story "Pass" about pregnant ftm!Blaine you used the word "transgendered" when the correct word every time is transgender (never with an 's' or an '-ed' on the end), the story was very sweet and accurate otherwise, but I just thought I'd clue you in to that slip-up. hugs and butterfly kisses Becca.

Thank you so much!! I’ll fix that right now :)

Sep 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

I love your stories so much! you are seriously one of my favorite writers! I was wondering if you had someone beta your stories because I know that's pretty common and I;m thinking about seriously getting into writing and was wondering if finding someone willing to beta my writing would be a good idea?

You are so super sweet! I don’t have a beta. Basically I crank out a few drabbles whenever I have time and just go through and post them. I know they have typos and whatnot sometimes but I try to catch them. Personally, I don’t like having a beta but that’s totally just me. If you feel like you need one or want one go for it! 

Sep 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

I can't wait to read more Amplification. Any updates in the near future?

Today! :)

Sep 20 '14

Through It All

Summary: Having a baby was supposed to be exciting, it wasn’t supposed to feel like the end of the world

Prompt by randomrantsgleek: HI Kate, just wanted to say i think you’re a brilliant writer and that you capture the character’s thoughts so effortlessly. Also, thanks to you, i am now obsessed with mpreg!blaine and was wondering if i could prompt a mpreg!blaine placenta praemia situation, like w/ Leyton in OTH? Tnx Thank you so much! You’re so sweet!

Warnings: Near death, complications with pregnancy, mpreg

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Sep 19 '14

Beary Grateful

Summary: What gift said ‘thank you for saving my life’?

Prompt: Blaine is the boy Kurt saves in Bash (and he doesn’t run away)

 Warnings: Injuries, hospital setting, homophobic attack

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Sep 19 '14

Shared Rooms

Summary: The boy who was sharing his father’s room looked so scared.

Prompt: blaine is rescued from a sex trafficking ring. he is brought to the hospital, where he meets kurt, who is there because of his father’s heart attack.

Warnings: Human trafficking, references to kidnapping and rape, PTSD

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