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A Little Collection of Stories

I'm a college senior who has an unhealthy obsession with Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, corgi puppies and margaritas.
Jul 30 '14

What If

Summary: Chances Verse. AU. What if Blaine’s parents accepted him?

Prompt: I love the Chances verse. I was wondering if you could write an AU where Blaine’s parents are there for him. They’re absolutely horrified that this has happened to their son, but they still do their best to be there for Blaine and for Henry.

Warnings: Teenaged pregnancy, rape, MPreg 

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Jul 29 '14


Summary: After the worst birthday ever, the note was the final straw. 

Prompt by kitten-klaine: Everyone of his friends forgets Kurt’s birthday at school. When he gets home, he’s so excited for plans with his family, but it turns out they forgot too. Burt leaves him a note saying him and Carole took Finn to some football game in Cincinnati for the weekend and wouldn’t be back til Monday. He just lays on the couch and cries until, lo and behold, new friend Blaine he met only a few days ago shows up with cake and comforts him and kisses and confronting the family yes good angst :D


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Jul 27 '14

Brotherly Love

Summary: Blaine had realized his feelings went beyond brotherly love a long time ago.

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine fall deeply in love—there’s just one problem: they’re siblings.

Warnings: Incest


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Jul 27 '14


Summary: Sequel to Gemini. Their father wasn’t supposed to let his new girlfriend spend the night.

Prompt: Can you write something in the Gemini verse where Burt starts dating Carole and she finds out about Kurt and Carson being in love and everyone expects her to freak out, but really all she does is ask how long they’ve been together (like an actual couple, since obviously they’ve been together since birth)

Prompt: More Gemini! More more more! That’s really all I have to say. Other than I loved it.

Warnings: Sibling incest


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Jul 26 '14

Needle and the Damage Done Drabble

Summary: It’s a slippery slope that Blaine never thought he would fall down again.

Prompt: Hi! I’d like to prompt you for a Needle and the Damage Done drabble! I’m not sure if you’ve seen or maybe thought about doing this before, but could you write about after Blaine’s relapse and he experiences withdrawal? With Kurt and Cooper trying their best to help him through it? ANOTHER PROMPT: An AU where after Blaine relaspes, the problem doesn’t get fixed automatically. He gets to a dangerous place again. LOVE YOU WORK! :)

Warnings: Drug use. 


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Jul 26 '14

All Alone in the Moonlight

Summary: AU of Bash. He wished there was a physical reason that he was still hurting so badly. 

Prompt: instead of kurt being the one attacked in bash, it’s blaine. A few weeks after the attack, his ptsd is so bad that he tries to commit suicide. up to you if kurt finds him in time to save him.

Warnings: Homophobia, aftermath of attack, PTSD, suicide attempt


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Jul 24 '14


Summary: Kurt wasn’t expecting this the morning after. 

Prompt: First time Blaine sleeps over, and he forgets to bring gel so his all embarrassed but Kurt loves his curls.


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Jul 23 '14


Summary: Blaine had never thought he would have a wife but he was beyond proud of her.

Prompt: Can you do mtf!Kurt? Kurt is a fashion model for Isabelle and she’s nervous about going on the runway after her transition and Blaine being comforting and supportive of his wife?

 Warnings: MTF!Kurt

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Jul 22 '14


Summary: Sequel to Exercises. Kurt and Blaine finally talk about the acting exercises.

Prompt: OMG please please please write a sequel for “Exercises” pleeeeaaaase

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Jul 21 '14

Amplification [Chapter Three]

Summary: They were on the front line of a war against an invisible monster.

Warnings: Disease, graphic description of disease, blood, medical stuff, character death (OC)

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