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A Little Collection of Stories

I'm a college senior who has an unhealthy obsession with Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, corgi puppies and margaritas.
Apr 15 '14


Summary: Sequel to Bullet Proof. The first morning of Blaine living was Sue was uncomfortable.

Prompt: Can you do a Sequel to ‘Bullet Proof’?

Warnings: Child abuse

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Apr 14 '14


Summary: After the accident, Kurt starting thinking that maybe Blaine deserved better.

Prompt: Kurt is in a car accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Life for him and Blaine are back to normal now, except they haven’t had sex since the accident. Blaine wants to but he is waiting for Kurt to initiate it. Kurt wants to but he thinks Blaine doesn’t desire him anymore. Someone hits on Blaine (in front of Kurt) and says something like “You need a REAL man to satisfy you”. This visibly upsets Kurt. Cue Blaine riding the hell out of Kurt to prove he still wants him!

Warnings: Paralysis, self esteem issues, graphic sex

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Apr 13 '14


Summary: AU of Bash. Kurt wasn’t the only person who died that night.

Prompt: Blaine has broken-heart syndrome.

Warnings: Character death, depression, broken-heart syndrome, hospital setting


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Apr 13 '14


Summary: It wasn’t a disorder if he had control over it.

Prompt: Set in Season 5. Blaine has an eating disorder, but he refuses to admit it. Marley’s recovery just pushes him further into denial. He believes he has control. It’s not until Kurt comes back to surprise him and finds him grabbing out fistfuls of hair does he realize how far gone he is.

Warnings: Eating disorder, body dysmorphia 

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Apr 12 '14

The Path

Summary: Sequel to Lost Along the Way. Cooper confronts his parents about sending Blaine to a homophobic military school.

Prompt: Sequel to Lost Along the Way: Cooper gets a call from Kurt, who tells him about what happened to Blaine. He immediately comes back to Lima to confront his parents about what they did and to make sure his brother is okay. Both he and Kurt feel terribly guilty for not helping Blaine sooner.

Warnings: Abuse, neglect, homophobia, attempts to “cure” homosexuality

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Apr 11 '14

Inhale, Exhale

Summary: Just breathe.

Prompt: I enjoyed your schizophrenic!blaine drabble a lot! Thank you!! I was wondering if you could write one about Blaine having anxiety.

Prompt: Stolen from BPOTD Prompt: developed!klaine. Blaine has anxiety and Kurt sees an oncoming panic attack and knows how to deal with it.

Prompt: Blaine has social anxiety, but he loves performing so much that he’s generally able to work through it, especially with the right meds to calm him down.

Warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks

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Apr 10 '14

A Few Years Down the Road

Summary: Sequel to Gasp. Burt likes making future plans.

Prompt: I looooooooooove your drabbles.Thank you!!! I was wondering if you would ever do a sequel to Gasp. ._. with Blaine’s recovery, Kurts fears & Burts guilt.

Warnings: Past allergic reaction

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Apr 9 '14


Summary: They should have read the speeches before. 

Prompt: Burt and/or Cooper give embarrassing speeches at the Klaine wedding

Warnings: Awkwardness

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Apr 8 '14

twi-tmi-thg-fangirly asked:

HI!! I am totally in love with all your drabbles and blangst fics and like EVERYTHING you write so I was wondering if you had an updated masterpost of your writings? Thanks for your time!

Thank you so much!! I do have a running masterpost here of my drabbles and my multichapter fics are linked at the top of my tumblr. It’s not completely updated but I’ll try my hardest to get it updated soon!!

Apr 8 '14

darrensunderwear asked:

so i pretty much read your fics religiously but i'm always to lazy to like/reblog/send a message. but now i am cause i just wanted you to know that you're amazing and i love your fics <33

Thank you so much sweetie! :)